Time Saving Tips from Pastor Trisha Peach

Recently in her blog  Trisha Peach (Children’s Pastor, Consultant, and Author) wrote out some time-saving tips for the “detail impaired.” In her article, Pastor Trisha explains that she was not born with natural time management talents but rather, she has had to learn some “survival skills” to become effective at time management.


Here are the first three tips she mentions:


1. Identify priorities

2. Use a planning system, and

3. Learn to live backwards


Learn to live backwards? I wonder if you’re as intrigued as I was to find out what that means. Well, if you want to find out what Pastor Trisha has to say you’ll just have to check out the article. If her time saving tips help you at all, you’ll gain back the time you spent reading the article with your increased productivity and then some!


The article is in two parts: Time Saving Tips for the Detail Impaired Part 1, and Time Saving Tips for the Detail Impaired Part 2. If you enjoy reading Pastor Trisha’s article, you might like to check out her recently released book, “Your Children’s Ministry from Scratch.