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    Here at RemGen we like to pile up and sort things in case it would make things any easier for you! Featured on this page are free (no catch) resource collections from all over the web. We hope that you find them to be useful to you in your ministry.

    Free Resources

Free Children's Ministry Resources

From Around the Web


The Bible App for Kids (an interactive free Bible app from YouVersion specifically made for kids)


Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs (Ministry-to-Children.com has a list of the Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs)

Child Abuse Prevention and Education

Childhelp.org’s 24-Hour National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-Child / 1-800-422-4453 (a confidential and anonymous hotline staffed with crisis counselors that are available 24/7 to answer questions you may have about how to respond to a situation of child abuse being disclosed to you, how to report child abuse, provide information as to what resources are available, provide a referral to agencies or counseling services in your area, offer you emotional support and more)

Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (a resource for understanding the difference between myths and facts regarding child sexual abuse, how to spot signs of sexual abuse and how to respond to and report abuse)

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect handout from Childhelp (a fact sheet that provides information about the warning signs of abuse whether physical, sexual, emotional, or bullying)

Children's Ministry Bible Lessons and Activities

Ministry-to-Children.com (free resources such as Bible lesson ideas, coloring pages, and craft ideas)

Children's Ministry Media Tools

KidSpring (free multi-media filled children’s church lessons)
LifeChurch.tv | Open (a project to provide free children’s ministry resources, such as videos, songs, and illustrations by LifeChurch.tv)
Max7 (a free children’s ministry resource library including videos, illustrations, lessons, and more)

CPR Resources

CPR, AED, and First Aid Fundraising Video (a fundraising video created by RemGen that you can play in your main church service to help you raise funds for CPR, AED, and First Aid certification)
Hands Free CPR (while there is no substitute for being currently trained and certified in CPR, if you have no other access to training options, the American Heart Association has developed a Hands-Only CPR course online that describes the steps for CPR using only the hands to perform chest compressions)

Free eBooks

Jonah: Grow Your Inner Fish! (a free interactive book introducing discipleship to children for the iPad and iPhone by Dwayne and Aimee Trawick from RemGen)

General Media

Incompetech Royalty Free Music (free / royalty free music files available for download although donations are appreciated by the composer)
Open Resources – Free Church Resources (not children’s ministry specific but includes free countdowns, illustrations, video and audio files)
Seeds by Church on the Move (free videos, artwork, and more for churches)
FreeImages.com (free / royalty free stock photography for non-commercial use)

Children's Ministry Web Conferencing

PajamaHub (provides topical web seminars led by children’s ministry leaders)

Children's Ministry Networking

CMConnect.org (free to join, connect with other Children’s Ministry leaders)

Non-Credit College Courses

Stanford’s Venture Lab (free interactive online courses from Stanford University)

Open-Source Resources

Audacity (free software for creating and editing sound files)
Blender (free alternative to Maya, a 3d animation program)
BuddyPress (free “social networking in a box” compatible with WordPress)
Gimp (free alternative to Adobe Photoshop)
Moodle (free alternative to Blackboard to build an online learning community for your ministry)
Open Office (free alternatives to Word, Excel, and more)
WordPress (free content management system for websites useful for blogs – for example, this website runs on WordPress)

Other Academic Resources

ASL Pro (learn American Sign Language online for free)
Khan Academy (in-depth training in topics such as mathematics and finance)

Presentation Resources

Prezi (a free account with Prezi will allow you to put together powerful presentations for your staff, parents, or kids. The free account option is listed at the top of the pricing page and requires you to have an internet connection where you will be showing the presentation)

Ministry to Kids with Special Needs

Shaping Special Hearts Radio Show (a radio show that focuses on ministry to children with special needs)
The Inclusive Church (Amy Fenton Lee’s blog on strategies for ministry to and providing quality programming for children with special needs in the local church)

Web Communications

Any Meeting (free ad-supported web conferencing software for up to 200 attendees)
Big Marker (free webinar/web conference hosting service for up to 100 attendees)
Eventbrite (an online tool that allows people to sign up to attend your events for free as long as your event is free)
Poll Daddy (an online survey program that is free at the basic level, that might be helpful in surveying staff and parents)

Website Hosting

Dreamhost Web Hosting (if you already have a domain name or are looking into purchasing a domain name, Dreamhost provides free shared web hosting to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations – which is a $90+ value per year)
Weebly (if you do not already have a domain name or plans to purchase one, Weebly offers a free service that allows its users to create their own website which is hosted on Weebly’s site)
Wix (same as Weebly, but a different site builder with a variety of different themes)


  • Christopher Quinn October 29, 2012   Reply →

    Looks great!! Thanks for the resources!

    • Dwayne October 30, 2012   Reply →

      No problem, Pastor Chris!Thanks for checking it out!

  • Joshua Travers January 17, 2013   Reply →

    This is an awesome resource! Thanks for putting it together.
    Pastor Joshua
    Freedom House Church of God

    • Dwayne June 6, 2014   Reply →

      Pastor Joshua,

      Thanks for the comment! Sorry we took so long to reply, we’ve been busy working on our education, but we’re glad you found this useful! It’s actually the hard work of Aimee, my wife and fellow administrator of the site.

      Thanks again!


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