New Website Building Series

Have you ever thought about making a children’s ministry blog but didn’t know where to start? If so, the series we are putting together on website building might be helpful for you! There are tons of tutorials out there about putting together web pages. However, we have heard from our friends in ministry that some of the existing tutorials start with a certain amount of assumed technical knowledge. So we’ve tried to break down the concepts and explain them clearly. If you decide to hop on the train to learn about website building, and you fall off the train at some point, just let us know in the comments where we lost you and we can possibly make a special video just for you to help you get back on track.


To access the first video, you can simply click on the video link above. If you’d like to watch the second video in the series, here is a link to the second episode. The first episode is called Domain Names & Hosting and the second episode is called Selecting and Uploading a WordPress Theme. We plan to add more videos to this series, so stay tuned! Thanks for visiting!