Five Smooth Stones: A David and Goliath Game

Five Smooth Stones: A David and Goliath Game

Here is a quick and simple game for your kids if you are teaching about David and Goliath. We’ve learned that many children’s ministry leaders have busy schedules, and out of respect for the precious time you do have, we’re working to deliver game information in formats that are easy to understand at little more than a glance. So on our Instagram and Pinterest accounts we’re developing these game-in-one-picture images. Here’s one of our game-in-a-pictures about David and Goliath!
Five Smooth Stones: A David and Goliath Game
Stay tuned for more resources for your children’s ministry! Have a great game idea that you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comments! Also, please let us know where you learned the game from, because we love to give credit! For example, this game is inspired by a game we found from Leanne Guenther. We’ve modified it little, but we like both versions! Thanks for visiting!

November CPR, AED, and First Aid Fundraising Video for Children’s Ministries

Happy fall everyone! Our November CPR, AED, and First Aid campaign fundraising video is available. We have videos available for every month of the year, too. So if you really like to plan ahead, feel free to download the January version of this video! Or June! This video was created so that churches could raise funds from their own congregations for their children’s ministry departments.

Because safety issues are very important to us, we put a lot of effort into making the video as compelling as possible. So please take a moment to check it out. If you love it, please share it with someone! If you would like the downloadable version, please fill out the form below and you will be e-mailed the link. We’ve also created a handout in case you wanted to have a one page document that accompanies the video.

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Happy Birthday Jesus Party for Small Churches

Small Church Ideas: Happy Birthday Jesus Party

One of our favorite children’s ministry events each year is a “Happy Birthday Jesus!” party. It’s super fun and simple to put together. If you’ve ever planned a birthday party before, you basically just do the same thing you always do. Except at this party we wish Jesus a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Children's Ministry

Other than planning the event / church service itself, a birthday cake is probably the only must-have item for a “Happy Birthday Jesus!” party.

Orange Sherbert 7-Up Punch for Children's Ministry

7-Up sherbert punch goes perfectly with birthday cake and is simple to make. There are a number of different recipes for 7-Up sherbert punch online. We made our punch with one carton (which was around a quart) of orange sherbert mixed with one 2-liter of 7-up.

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Time Saving Tips for Children's Pastors

Time Saving Tips from Pastor Trisha Peach

Recently in her blog  Trisha Peach (Children’s Pastor, Consultant, and Author) wrote out some time-saving tips for the “detail impaired.” In her article, Pastor Trisha explains that she was not born with natural time management talents but rather, she has had to learn some “survival skills” to become effective at time management.


Here are the first three tips she mentions:


1. Identify priorities

2. Use a planning system, and

3. Learn to live backwards


Learn to live backwards? I wonder if you’re as intrigued as I was to find out what that means. Well, if you want to find out what Pastor Trisha has to say you’ll just have to check out the article. If her time saving tips help you at all, you’ll gain back the time you spent reading the article with your increased productivity and then some!


The article is in two parts: Time Saving Tips for the Detail Impaired Part 1, and Time Saving Tips for the Detail Impaired Part 2. If you enjoy reading Pastor Trisha’s article, you might like to check out her recently released book, “Your Children’s Ministry from Scratch.

Children's Ministry Check-in Safety Tips

Check Out these Check-in Safety Tips!

We saw a great article on today. The article is called “7 Ways Check-in Can Make Kids Less Safe.” In this article, Children’s Pastor GJ Farmer talks about approaches to check-in procedures that can be more harmful than helpful. For example, the third point in his article is, “Not including allergy information for everyone with allergies.” If you collect allergy information for some of your children, but not all, then a leader in your ministry might assume a child does not have an allergy when they actually do. These are really helpful tips! Thanks for writing such a helpful article, Pastor GJ!

You can check out Pastor GJ’s blog article at this link!

Jonah: Grow Your Inner Fish!

Jonah: Grow Your Inner Fish! A Free Interactive Book for the iPad and iPhone

When we teach about Jonah, sometimes we tend to focus on the character of Jonah. But here at RemGen we wanted to design a children’s book about Jonah that was a little bit different. In our book, we decided to focus on how the big fish that swallowed Jonah did the right thing the first time God asked. And so, from the big fish in the tale of Jonah we can learn a basic introduction to Christian discipleship.

We hope that your children will love and cherish this story. We finished this interactive book last month and just recently it was approved to be released in the iBooks store. We made it free so that it could be freely shared. So if you like it, please let others know about this book. Thanks for stopping by!

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